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Mexico has quietly created a high tech banking industry with great interest rates, hi tech on-line security, automatic bill paying and all of the ebanking convenience that you are used to, and, they offer even more!

Banks in Mexico are paying attractive interest rates in comparison to those in the United States.  Some banks in Mexico are paying 5 to 6 percent interest on saving accounts.  Banks in Mexico are much different than banks in the states.  Many have investment advisers in house at their individual branches.  There are many large international banks in Mexico as well, HSBC, Santanders and Scoitia.  Bancomer and Banamex are a couple of Mexican banks as well. 

On-line banking is available with all banks investigated.  Internet security for most of  the banks in Mexico is very tight.  Bancomer for instance has one of the most sophisticated internet security system around.  That gives the foreign investor extra peace of mind. 

On-line bill paying is another service available.  Some banks in Mexico can setup auto pay with direct automatic debiting of your account to pay your utilitiy bills.  This is a thoughtful program for those who live part time in Mexico. 

Banking in Mexico has is easier than one would think and they offer more services than most banks in the states.  Consider higher interest rates, on-line bill paying for your regular household bills, tight on-line banking security and large well known banks makes Mexico a new player in Offshore Banking.

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